5 recession-proof digital marketing tactics to help you grow during and after covid-19

– Assess which content delivers value now

What kind of content delivers value to the end-user nowadays in your niche? If you dont have any idea make a research in Google Trends to find out which keywords related to your business are having the biggest impact and prepare content for it. This will improve your search terms in SERP’s and consequently generate more traffic to your website. Also, share this content in your social media profiles to help traffic generation. Remember: Traffic generation equals to more sales. 

– A/B test your landing pages and call-to-actions

If you aren’t already doing it you should. Create at least two versions of your landing page and create a split test to identify which one converts better. This way you will know the kind of page structure your audience likes better. 

The same applies to CTA’s inside your main website. For sure some of them convert better than others. Now is time to figure out which ones, so you can improve the others.

– Map content across funnel

You need to have in mind that along the different stages of your sales funnel you need to give to your audience different types of content. For example, the content you give to the audience on the first stage of the sales funnel (when you are acquiring traffic near to an audience that doesn’t know your brand) should be different from the content delivered at the end of the funnel, when the person already bought from you and knows your brand. On the first one, for example, you are giving them a reason to visit your website, and on the last stage, you want those persons to become brand advocates and refer your brand and products to others. 

– Improve lead magnet (example: quizzes)

Lead magnets are a great way to generate more traffic and know deeply your audience, consider to build a quiz on your website or landing page. People love to answer and share them.

– Improve ad retargeting

Are you using Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel to remarketing the traffic that didn’t convert in the first stage of the sales funnel? 

The thing is, they are actively searching for your product or a similar one in the market, and on their first attempt, they didn’t convert for some reason (maybe life got in the way, and they simply just got distracted). But you should go after them. It is much cheaper to advertise to this kind of traffic than to try to sell your product to a person that never heard about your brand. 

The rule you need to follow is simple: If they engaged with your brand, sooner or later they will buy from you. Unless they stop hearing from you.

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